About Cinderella
At Cinderella, our mission is to provide software development tools supporting standardised notations like SDL, ASN.1, MSC, and UML for system design, specification and implementation.

Cinderella tools offers full support of the notations according to the latest standards to allow our customers to take advantage of new specification and software development technologies.

Cinderella delivers software development tools that make Cinderella software the natural choice for professional system development, both for specification and implementation.

Our strategy is:
close integration of the tools on a specific platform to allow for combined use with other applications on this platform,
support of standardised open formats to allow for easy integration with different development methodologies and other CASE tools,
internet-based customer support that ensures fast solutions to user requests,
provision of state-of-the-art software development features at a competitive price.

Company facts

Cinderella I/S was founded in 1995 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company has its core expertise in the area of software development environments enabling the use of standardised specification techniques. In 2000, the legal status of Cinderella I/S was changed to Cinderella ApS.

The first product from Cinderella, Cinderella SDL, was launched in April 1998. Cinderella SDL is today used by companies and universities all over the world.

Our customers are from the telecommunications and IT sector, and companies in the electronics manufacturing and safety systems area. The customer base range from small consultant companies to the world's largest telecom manufacturers. Also a number of educational institutions and universities are using Cinderella SDL.


Cinderella ApS
Arnold Nielsens Boulevard 137 st.tv.
2650 Hvidovre

Phone: +45 4035 5430
Email: info@cinderella.dk